I shouldn’t be sacrificing my own time when I pay to be here. Especially when there is an easy fix.

If I left would I still mean something to you, or would you forget about me?

to the very few people that’ve noticed, i’m taking a break from tumblr. who knows when i will be back if ever.


*thinks of  better response five seconds after i reply*

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neither of my parents can spell very well, idk where i get my grammar from lol.


"Pray for me if you pray. Fist bump me if you don’t.


- Hayley Williams


I don’t have DNA I’m just made up of billions of Blink 182 lyrics

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My Mom just accidentally prematurely sent an email to an accounting firm… It was supposed to say ‘I am afraid that we will have to postpone our meeting”

but she hit send when all it said was

Hi Jeffrey,
      I am afraid


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So I have four interviews in the next three days and my biggest issue isn’t getting them but it’s deciding which one will do best for me. I could try to work at target, which is a job I have always wanted but only get minimum wages and around 20 hours a week, or get this other job that pays $10 at an electronics recycling plant with guaranteed full time, or this traffic controller position at a loading dock which pays $12 but I have no idea what the hours are other than at night and it’s driving me crazy because I hate wasting my life away working full time, but i want the money even though I will hardly have any free time.